Garden Supplies

Garden Supplies

Teagle Contracting supplies and delivers a wide range of garden supplies.

Located at 33 Williams Road, we are centrally located in Millicent.

You can come in and check out the range and be loaded onsite or order products to be delivered.

Limestone 40mm
Sandstone 70mm
Mt Muirhead Scalps 20mm
Mt Muirhead Aggregate 20mm
Mt Graham Scalps 20mm
Mt Graham Aggregate 20mm
Boral Washed Aggregate 10mm
Boral Washed Aggregate 14mm






White River Pebbles 20mm/40mm
Red River Pebbles 40mm
Tuscan Aggregate 20mm
Henschke Aggregate 14mm / 20mm
Henschke Scalps 20mm          Seelander Aggregate 20mm
Peaches’N’Cream Aggregate 20-40mm
Peaches’N’Cream Scalps 20mm

Mt Muirhead Tumbled Rocks Mt Muirhead Tumbled 40mm         Jordans Limestone Chip                 Moss Rocks



Garden Soil
Garden Compost
Mushroom Compost
Cottage Mulch
Graded Bark
Soft Fall Chip
Bean Straw                                     Ground Cover Mulch                  Kolorscape Red Chip





Filling Sand
Boral Crusher Sand
Henschke Crusher Sand
Builders Sand
Brickies Sand
Sandpit / Play Sand
Concrete Mix








Split Redgum

Concrete Blocks 2 tonne

Cold Mix