We have an extensive fleet of civil equipment which provides our customers with peace of mind that we have the adequate resources and knowledge to complete any job without costly delays or breakdowns.
We use up to date laser guidance and weighing systems so we can guarantee accurate work be it bulk earth works, final trim or product handling.

Our Equipment Includes:


  • 33t
  • 30t
  • 24t
  • 23t
  • 20t
  • 14t
  • 12t Wheeled exc
  • 8t
  • 3t
  • 1.7t
  • 1.3t Mini exc

Attachments available: Auger, Hammer, Longarm


  • Semi Tipper (27m3)
  • 2x truck and trailer axle dog (alloy sides)
  • 5x truck and trailer axle dog (Bisalloy rock body)
  • 5m3 tipper
  • 3m3 tipper
  • 1m3 tipper
  • Water Truck
  • Semi Water Tanker
  • Low Loader – Tri-Axle
  • Low Loader – Quad-Axle


  • 11t vibrating
  • 10t vibrating
  • Multi tyred rubber
  • Drum roller
  • 4.2t vibrating
  • 2.5t vibrating
  • 2.2t vibrating

Skid Steers

  • Wheeled
  • Tracked

Attachments available: Broom, Mulcher, Forks, 4in1, Grab, Levelling Bar, Buckets, 2D Cross Slope Grader


  • Cat 12H
  • 2x John Deere 670
  • Compact grader & laser level

Attachments available: Rubber tyre roller, Windrow Eliminator, GPS

Bull Dozers

  • D155
  • D85

Front End Loaders

  • 2 x  3m cubed bucket
  • 2.5m cubed bucket
  • 0.5m cubed bucket
  • 0.3m cubed bucket

Quarry Equipment

  • Jaw Crusher
  • Screening Plant
  • Conveyor (Tracked & Wheeled)

Maintenance Equipment

  • Backhoe
  • Perry Trencher
  • Post Hole Digger (100,300,450mm)
  • Slasher
  • Toro Mower
  • Rock Buster
  • Woodchipper
  • Tractor

Our fleet of trucks and machinery is the most up to date in the South East of South Australia.